Gurudev’s Message

School with a difference

From a feudal, quiet sleeping society, our country is today marching into the modern, fast, electronic age with our heads flaming with material ambitions and our hearts shrunk into ugly selfishness. The overemphasis of materialism has made individuals twisted and ugly in their essential cultural grace.

The politician, the economist and the scientist cannot see anything beyond the material world, when they should. There is the job of organizing and creating a rich, prosperous and peaceful world around, with technology contributing to the society. The educationists are to bring about an extra beauty in the performance of man in the society as a result of his cultivated inner discipline and larger vision.

We are trying in our Vidyalaya to help children to score in the material world, following the secular syllabus prescribed by the Government, but taught in an atmosphere of spiritual presence. We select, train and therefore expect our teachers to have such a spiritual balance in themselves so that they can spread around them the grace and glory of the spirit in the classroom. Under such a gracious canopy of moral and ethical charm, we find the students blooming into men and women, self-controlled, disciplined and dynamically striving with a magnificent vision. 


“Knowledge will forever govern ignorance. And people, who mean to be their own Governors, must arm themselves with the power which knowledge gives.”-James Madison

It is rightly said that “The whole purpose of education is to replace an empty mind into an open one”. The greatest aim of education is not knowledge but action. “Education must facilitate the student to think and not what to think”.

We emanate and sprinkle an atmosphere where each child perceives love, dignity and acceptance. The trust here is to blend and fuse thoroughly the modern and traditional approach which is conducive for learners. Children here learn through exploration and experimentation with a dash of extra-curricular activities. The students gain optimum exposure and acquire confidence. We are focused to achieve our aim by providing an exemplary infrastructure to work upon a child’s physical, mental and artistic faculties.

In the resonating words of Swami Vivekananda; “Arise! Awake! And stop not till the road is reached” act as our watchword that will always inspire our children throughout their lives. 

Smt. Subhashini Ramakrishnan


"Swami Chinmayananda says"

Children are not vessels to be filled, but lamps to be lit. 

-Gurudev’s Message 

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