The Right Faculty

At Chinmaya, we take our teaching seriously and believe that the most important aspect of a school is the quality of their faculty. We have seen over the past 94 years that when a child is comfortable and having fun while learning, the child is able to grasp the subject much more efficiently. We make sure it is the right person for the right job at all times.


  • Sri. Nirmal Kumar Jain

    B.Com., Costing and Financial planning at IIM Lucknow


  • Smt. Radha Srikaanth

    M.Sc., B.Ed.

Department of Kindergarten

  • Smt.P.Vidya

    M.Com., DCA, Adv.Dip in Montessori, D.El.Ed

  • Smt.S.Deepa

    B.Sc B.Ed

  • Smt. Thilagavathi

    B.Com., DECE., D.El.Ed

  • Smt. Vishnu Priya

    B.Com., Adv.Dip in Montessori., D.El.Ed

  • Smt.A.T.Thanuja

    B.Com, P.P.T., D.El.Ed

  • Smt.Sindhu Divakaran

    BA, Diploma in Montessori & KG teacher training

  • Smt.Jayashree.S

    B.Sc., Adv.Dip in Montessori., D.El.Ed

  • Smt.Lakshmi Kutty

    B.A. Dip P.T.T

  • Smt.Jayanthi Mani

    B.Lit., D.E.C.E., D.El.Ed

  • Smt.Hetal V.Shah

    B.B.A, D.E.C.E, D.El.Ed

Department of English

  • Smt.Manjula Menon

    M.A B.Ed.

  • Smt.Sindhu Theroor

    M.A B.Ed.

  • Smt.R.Divya

    M.A. B.Ed

  • Smt. Malathi Dobhal

    M.A. B.Ed

  • Smt.Sudha Vinod Karath

    M.A. B.Ed

  • Smt.Anubhama

    B.A., B.Ed

  • Smt.Kalaivani

    M.Com B.Ed

  • Smt.Rubini.P

    M.Com., B.Ed

Department of Tamil

  • Smt.S.Malathi

    M.A., B.Ed

  • Smt.G.Kaniselvi

    B.Lit., M.A., D.TEd

  • Smt.V.Geetha

    M.A., M.Ed., M.Phil

  • Smt.P.Patteeswari

    M.A.,B.Ed., M.Phil

  • Smt.R.Saraswathi

    B.A., B.Ed

Department of Hindi

  • Smt. Sujatha Suresh

    BBA, M.B.A, DECE, D.El.Ed

  • Smt. Kanchana Hariharan


  • Smt. M.Saradha

    M.A., B.Ed

  • Smt. G.Divya

    M.A. M.A., B.Ed

Department of Mathematics

  • Smt.A.Gowrimanohari

    B.Sc, B.Ed

  • Smt.B.Thavamani

    B.Sc., B.Ed

  • Smt.S.Nandini

    M.Sc., M.Ed

  • Shri.Deepak.P

    M.Sc B.Ed

  • Smt.Jansi.

    M.Sc B.Ed

  • Shri.Jayabharath.

    M.Sc B.Ed

Department of Science

  • Smt.Sathiya.B.R

    M.Sc., B.Ed

  • Smt.Sandhya.R

    M.Sc., B.Ed., M.Phil

  • Sr.Muralidharan.R

    M.Sc., B.Ed

  • Smt.Jayashree A.N

    M.Sc., B.Ed

  • Smt.Narmatha.S

    M.Sc., M.Phil

  • Smt.A.N.Manju

    B.Sc., B.Ed

  • Smt.P.Mallika

    M.Sc., B.Ed

  • Smt.V.Revathi

    M.Sc., B.Ed

Department of Social Studies

  • Smt.Sujatha Ganesh


  • Smt.Karthika.R

    B.Sc, MCA, B.Ed

  • Smt.K.Srividya

    M.A., M.A Ed

  • Smt.Sunitha Menon

    B.A B.Ed

Department of Computer Science

  • Smt.D.Neelaveni.

    B.Sc, MCA, MPhil, B.Ed

  • Smt.S.Devi Priya

    M.Sc., B.Ed

  • Smt.G.Manimakalai

    M.Sc B.Edl

Department of Commerce

  • Smt.Akila.R

    M.Com., B.Ed., M.Phil

Department of Physical Education

  • Sri.Xavier Jayakumar

    B.Sc., M.PEd

  • Kum.Pradeepa.A

    MA., B.Ped

  • Kum. N.Shakkina

    B.PE, B.Ped

  • Smt. A.P.Sangeetha

    BA, M.Ped, M.Phil

Department of Fine Arts

  • Shri.J.Subramaniam

    DMT, B.A (MUSIC)

  • Smt.S.Shanthi

    M.A.Yoga (YOGA)

  • Smt.Poongothai

    B.Com B.F.A (CRAFT)

  • Smt.Nagamani.C

    B.A., D.D.T., Dip in Dance (DANCE)

  • Shri.D.Kamatchi Sundaram

    D.F.A (ART)


  • Sri.S.Sivakumar

    M.A., MLIS

Special Education

  • Kum.Anusree.K

    B.Sc., B.Ed

Administrative Officer

  • Sri. V.Veera Raj Shekar


Administrative Staff

  • Smt.Meenachi.K

    M.Sc., M.Phil

  • Smt.Sundarambal

    M.A., B.Ed

  • Smt.C.Arthi

    M.Sc., MBA

  • Smt.C.Sudha


  • Smt.Srimuga


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