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Gurudev's Message

From a feudal, quiet sleeping society, our country  is today marching into the modern,fast,electronic age with our heads flaming with material ambitions and our hearts shrunk into ugly selfishness. The overemphasis of materialism has made individuals twisted and ugly in their essential cultural grace.
The politician,the economist and the scientist cannot see anything beyond the material world,when they should. There is the job of organizing and creating a rich, prosperous and peaceful world around, with technology contributing to the society. The educationists are to bring about an extra beauty in the performance of man in the society as a result of his cultivated inner discipline and larger vision. We are trying in our Vidyalayas to conduct the children to score in the material world, following the secular syllabus prescribed by the Government, but taught in an atmosphere of spiritual presence. ...

Principal's Message
We all have our own way of seeing the world. An ordinary person blames his environment or those around him for his problems and frustrations. But a winner uses his negative or criticism to become a better person. He uses his positives to the best of his abilities. This attitude is very important for all students. For a student, education is not just completion of routine  ... [Read More]
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Thondamuthur, Vadavalli
Phone : 0422 -2423052
Email : chinmcbsegmail.com

Current News

Application for Admission for the academic year 2018 - 2019 is being issued for all the classes
Interaction will be conducted in the month of December 2017 for LKG.

For Standard classes interaction will be conducted on 03.02.2018.

* Important Note to parents from RTO Office - Transportation - Reg Click Here to Download the transportation circular form, fill the same and send it through your ward)

* We have achieved 100% result in the X std board examination.

School Topper -

No of students appeared 41

No of students scored 10 CGPA 4

No of students scored more than 90% 12

No students with distinction 39

No of students secured 1st class 2

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